In 2011 when I was heavily pregnant, people would stop and ask me how many babies I was expecting, needless to say I was rather large. With decreasing self esteem, I was at my lowest. I vowed as soon as I gave birth I would change all the things that I felt had a negative effect on my life. The day soon came, I laced up my runners and decided to run. Less then 200 metres in and I was done, bent over and gasping for air, I was defeated, left in a pathetic pool of sweat and tears. That was not the end though, I got up, I kept trying, I gave my best, when I felt my worst. When I felt tired, I got up, when I felt sore, I got up. I won't tell you that it was easy because it wasn't - Worth it ? Absolutely - Isn't it time you laced up?

I am passionate about a healthy mind and body, I truely believe that you can overcome any challenges, mentally, emotionally and physically if you have a strong mind and body. Exercise adds more to your life then just a toned exterior, belief in yourself improves self esteem, daily exercise minimises anxiety and stress, challenging yourself provides accomplishments and empowerment.

There are always excuses and reasons as to why you can't start today, but soon enough, today will be too late and you won't get the chance to see how great you can be. Make today the day to decide to change your life in every way possible, make the decision and stick with it. Be consistant, turn up even when you feel your worst and eventually you will be feeling your best, acheiveing goals you never imagined you could, the strength of your body and mind will astonish you, it is stronger then you think. The only regret you will have is not taking the first step....









Set goals that will motivate and challenge you emotionally, mentally and physically - if it's too easy then it wouldn't feel like an  great accomplishment
Fuel your body with the food it requires to charge through the day and concore it with power and zest.
Go hard! it has to challenge you to change you, when you feel you have hit your limit - push it.
Accomplishing challenges that you continually set yourself, provides an inner feeling of fullfillment.


Group fitness class in an outdoor setting that combines both bodyweight and cardio exercises. The large group dynamics motivates partisipants to complete drills, sprints, agility and body weight team challenges. Bootcamp provides a social and fun element to your fitness needs. 
Strength training - making your muscles work against a weight or force, to improve  joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, while decreasing the risk of injury and enhancing posture. It develops flexibility, coordination, mobility and balance while boosting energy levels, improving mood and sleep state. Also helps with weight management, as you gain muscle, your body burns more calories at rest.  
Cardio Boxing
Cardio Boxing is the coalition of boxing and aerobics, offering an intense cross training and total body work out. It conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance system. It increases stamina, strength, speed, coordination and balance. 
The fusion of traditional bodyweight exercises and the lastest HIIT training techniques designed to set the metobolism on fire, boost your fitness, rocket energy levels, increase muscle tone and obtain massive results in a short period of time. Metafit increases resting metabolic rate, by working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals to provide a 24 hour caloric burn bringing your body back down to a rest state. For those that are time poor or love a quick effective style of training then Metafit is a perfect addition to your current schedule.
Tabata is one of the most popular forms of high intensity interval training techniques. Consisting of 8 rounds in a specific 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest. Tabata increase strength, improves flexibility, builds muscle and increases weight loss. As your body works much harder to keep the high intensity rate, raising your metobolism and heart rate imediately which offers maximum benifit with fitness and caloric  burn in the least amount of time. Tabata provides the body the vehicle to burn body fat for hours long after your workout is complete.
Running Programs
Programs committed to improve your form and increase your pace at a rate that is conducive to your level and ability. To introduce you to a world of social running, competitions and challenging events that provide a feeling of accomplishment and victory.

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  1. Since joining Morgain Fitness, I've not only lost weight but I've improved my overall health and nutrition. Alison is an awesome trainer who delivers one on one support even in group classes. I love the variety of classes provided as I never get bored and lose motivation. Every workout is challenging yet fun and Alison's friendly personality creates a comfortable environment.
    Keeley Gageler
  1. I have been training with morgain fitness for a few months now, and I absolutely love it, So does the whole family, as at times the kids join in the classes. There is always a combination of different programs to do on different days, and no two sessions have ever been the same, I find this keeps me really interested in my fitness as there is no chance of getting bored from doing the same stuff day to day, all of the equipment is always 5 star and Alison’s home facilities are second to none. I find mixing up the programs and training locations always makes training feel new, and with Alison’s consistent encouragement anyone can achieve their fitness goals, no matter your fitness level. Alison is always so professional and friendly she makes everyone feel welcome, with her warm and bubbly personality, I don’t just feel like I’m a client, I feel like I’m a part of the morgain fitness team.
    Natalie Stein
  1. I have been attending classes with Alison at Morgain Fitness for the last 6 months. I have always found that there is great variety of classes and new exercises to keep me guessing. Ali is always keen for feedback and likes to cater to all needs. I have meet some great people through the classes and I am happier and healthier
    Gail Monaghan