Raw Challenge​
Most of the Raw team had been training with Morgain fitness for nine months, this was our first team challenge for 2016.

Many of us faced our fears on the day, fear of heights, fear of experiencing the unknown, fear of confined spaces or fear of failure. I couldn't be more proud of my team, we stuck it out together, we approached each obstacle with determination and great finesse and with the team support, we concored RAW!

We laughed our way through every obstacle that was difficut, scary, muddy, wet, high and came out the other side with memorable bruises and bumps. A special thankyou to the males on the team - BJ, Brad, Travis, Fred and Graig, that managed to throw, push, pull and  drag us out of every mud puddle or difficult obstacle.

The day finished with a sunbake, lunch and a few celebrational drinks, a bus ride home with the entertainment of karioke.

Team events and personal  goals sure make training motivating and fun - when you have a challenge to train and look forward to, it keeps you focused and determined.

What a day - What a team !


​Keeley started with Morgain fitness early 2016 with determination to make major changes with her life. ​​

She attended three to four group classes a week, and pushed her limits everytime she turned up. I watched her increase her strength and fitness in a very short period of time and she was rewarded for her efforts with the lost of 8kg in 2 short months. Keeley continues to challenge herself and she continues to improve in every aspect of health and fitness.

Keeley provides motivation to others, just knowing that with consistantcy in her training and a bit of effort, you are able to make real positive changes in your life, in a short period of time. 

As a trainer I am so proud to see her hard work pay off,  with her toned fit exterior, increased level of fitness, improved health and wellbeing  and more importantly her development of  success and  empowerment.

Well Done Keeley, I applaued you - you should be proud!


​Lec started training with Morgain Fitness in Jan 2016 when it opened. She attended four classes a week and before long made real changes, in her body shape and fitness level. She was focused and trained hard, 

When the opportunity presented itself to complete a  8 week challenge, she jumped at the chance and put 100 % effort into it, with that effort she was rewared a decrease of 5% body fat, her viseral fat level lowered from 10 to a 6, she lost 2 kg fat and increased her muscle percentage.

When Lec started with Morgain Fitness she couldn't complete a single sit up, within a few weeks she had concored that challenge and has her mind set on many more, with increased training and focus by July she had finished her first half marathon.  What an achievement!

Lec has pushed aside her fear of cycling and completed her first Triatholon.  Her ability, her fitness level, her mind set has changed dramatically, she no longer says she can't - she know's to well that she can, she can do anything she sets her mind too.

I am beyond proud of her acheivements this year, her focus, her committment, her determination has shown herself that she is capable of so much more then she believed.  Me I always knew she could, but has been a real kick for me to help her see it for herself - 2017 holds new challenges and success for her.

Well done Lec, you are awesome!


​Andrew started with Morgain Fitness early in 2016, as a professional Jockey he already had a great level of fitness, I had to think of ways to continueally challenge and push his limits. Training with Morgain fitness has helped Andrew  to build his strength and fitness for a job that requires high levels of both, he has also found  his concentration levels and quick decision making in races has improved greatly,  I am glad my  sessions have had a positive  impact on his ability and success as a jockey in 2016.

Andrew is always competitive, he faces each session with his game face on, ready to push himself beyond his limits to succeed and win.  It has been a continued challenge to find sessions that will push his ability and no matter what challenges I set, he never gives up.

Andrew gave us all a level of fitness to aspire to and made the challenges and sessions fun. He always put in 100 % effort and has made my job as a trainer both challenging and fun.

It doesn't matter what level of fitness you have, I like to believe that my training abilities can cater for both a begininer and a athlete.

Well done Andrew - hope to challenge you further in 2017.