The fusion of traditional bodyweight exercises and the lastest HIIT training techniques designed to set the metobolism on fire, boost your fitness, rocket energy levels, increase muscle tone and obtain massive results in a short period of time.

 All exercises can be regressed or progressed based on your level of fitness and ability. Metafit increases resting metabolic rate, by working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals, to provide a 24 hour caloric burn bringing your body back down to a rest state.
For those that are time poor or love a quick effective style of training then Metafit is a perfect for you, as the average duration is 20 min.

​​Mobile Sports Training

The goal of Mobile Sports Training within the sports arena, is to bring a service to your sporting club that can increase fitness, agility, strength, speed and explosive power to improve individual sports performance within a team sport. Using HIIT (high intensity interval training) - short bursts of high intensity activity that is on average 20 min in length, will  keeps it interesting for children and those that have short attention span, it also allows those to give maximum effort for short duration.

 Metafit is all inclusive, adaptable for all fitness levels, everyone can work at own ability, speed and pace. All exercises can be progressed with an advanced option, faster, higher, deeper, still including  those, working at their own maximum effort with regressed movements.  All exercises are simple un-choreographed, body weight (safe) playful movements and ever changing, so it remains fun and interesting and challenging for the entire time.
Metafit uses both left and right brain, performing bilateral and unilateral exercises, improving balance and coordination.  The high intensity workout combines functional movements (mimic's everyday movements) improves strength, mobility and cardio health. It allows all the children to be active and able to challenge themselves individually with in a group environment, no one finishes first everyone finishes together, this makes it fun and fair for all and builds individual confidence.
Children sit at desks all day, head down playing electronics and carry heavy back packs all that weaken and damage their back, neck and posture - Metafit's body weight exercises, especially the core section, strengthen all areas and improve flexibility ,mobility and posture. Metafit improves cardiovascular fitness - building a stronger more efficient heart, fitter healthier children.

Metafit uses compound movements, using more than 1 joint at a time and big muscle groups, preventing muscle imbalances,therefore reducing the chance of injury. It uses all planes of motion (forward, backward, sideward, twisting ) which is a great addition to a sports program as the need to improve strength, speed and explosive power in all directions is essential for success.

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