If you look at me and think I haven't struggled with my weight, my fitness, my motivation, my nutrition, you are wrong. In my youth when I was supposed to be at my healthiest I wasn't. I was rarely involved in any healthy activities or sports and I definately didn't treat my body like a temple.

It all changed in my 30's, I realised the importance of a healthy lifestyle and I changed my life for the better. I know the inner voice all too well, that push's your start date, back day after day, that tells you it's ok to not start today.

As a Personal Trainer I can't make you want to start, I can't give you the motivation to get up and take that first step. But when you do decide to start, I'm with you. As a Personal Trainer I will instill in you the ability to use your inner strength  to continually challenge and push your limits, to get the very best results you can, to keep you focused on your goals and moving forward .

One on one sessions allow me to program especially for your needs,  your abilities, strength, weakness, mobility, flexability and focus's on correct form, progressing at a pace that is condusive to your ability and goals. Life is too short to listen to negative voices, the one's that tell you it's ok to be any less then the very best version of you that you can be.

I believe that one on one training is a great place to start when your lacking motivation and ability, we can move forward at a pace that suits your needs and ability and it gives me the time to teach correct form and technique, Moving forward into group training  wouldn't be intimidating, it would be exciting and challenging.

Change starts today..